Terms of Use

1- Subject of these terms of use While you may be tempted not to read these terms of use, it is important that you know what you can expect from us when you use KOUHMAN, and vice versa.

Age limit If you have not reached the age limit to manage your own KOUHMAN account, you must have the permission of a parent or legal representative to use a KOUHMAN account. Please ask a parent or legal representative to read these conditions with you. If you are a parent or legal representative, and you allow your child to use the services, these conditions apply to you, and you are responsible for your child's activities on those services. Some KOUHMAN services have an age limit set out in their specific additional terms. Your relationship with KOUHMAN These terms of use help determine the nature of your relationship with KOUHMAN. In general, we allow you to use our services if you agree to comply with these conditions, which reflect the operation of KOUHMAN's operations and how we pay ourselves. "KOUHMAN," "we," "nos" and "our," we refer to KOUHMAN LLC and its affiliates.