Kouhman is the brain child of N ' DJOMON KOUFFE JUNIOR, he recognized that people within the African continent and across the globe the African diaspora were only consumers of technology. They were dependent on imported technology but was slow in creating their own space in the technology revolution. N ' DJOMON KOUFFE JUNIOR teamed up with Odile KOUGBEADJO, Florentin AVI, Assetou GNOH, Hervé AMETEPE, Florentine AVI and David AYIVI, to design Kouhman.

Kouhman is the first Pan-African social networking site. Kouhmans mission is to create a platform where Africans around the globe (the Americas, Caribbean, Europe and the Mother Land) can Connect, Communicate and build Community. In building Community we seek to give a safe space for us to share, meet, reveal ourselves, defend our values and above all assert our dignity!

Kouhman is Dioula which means “To take the floor” or simply to “Speak” so now we encourage you to take the floor and speak your mind as you Connect, Communicate and build Community.

In solidarity with Kouhman the following organizations have joined with us to build community State of the African Diaspora (SOAD) (LONDON) and Pembroke Tamperelli Arts and Film Festival (PTAFF) (United States).